Washington Belgianfest 2012

Northwest Beer Review will be at Belgianfest 2012 in Seattle this year. We’re looking forward to sampling some super-rare and experimental brews from the northwest. Over at the Seattle Beer Blog, you can find a complete list of Belgianfest 2012 beers, but here are a couple of special items we’re looking forward to.

  • Black Widow from Wingman Brewers. Described as a dark Belgian strong ale aged in Cabernet Sauvignon barrels. This beer also weighs in at 11.4% ABV. I’m interested to see how the CDA trend carries over to the Belgian style.
  • Ferme noire Cascadian Dark Sasion from Elysian. Elysian is also bringing a dark ale, but uses Saison yeast. I’m not a lambic/saison fan usually, so I’m looking forward to seeing how the maltiness and dryness play nicely with each other.
  • Frosty “The Waldman” from Georgetown Brewing. Boosted with 10 lbs of molasses per barrel, plus a helping of cinnamon and nutmeg has this one on my must try list for sure.

Check back for pictures and maybe even a video or two from the show floor and make sure to follow us on Twitter @nwbeerreview.

First up for team NW Beer Review is Black Widow from Wingman Brewing. Huge Cabernet on the nose. Greg says it’s like carbonated wine. For Eric, it has almost a root beer finish. The 11.4% ABC hangs with you a while too.

OK, sometimes a line is worth it. Black Raven’s bourbon barrel aged La Petit Mort was definitely that time. Evokes a heavy bodied, yet light Bourbon. Definite vanilla and coal notes. Finishes like an effervescent Bourbon. Greg says it’s missing the beer-like qualities and carries through too much Bourbon. Good thing he is the one that waited in line…

Special entry from @bangfalse for the Elysian saffron sour wheat ale. Good, balanced sourness plays well with the wheat and the classic Belgian flavors. The saffron is subtle, on the verge of being unnoticable. A beautiful slightly cloudy appearance completes the package on a very nice and unique beer.

Wow. Just had my face rocked by Snipes Mountain. Dark Strong brings a Warhead-like sourness to every part of my palette. Not yogurt sour, but a rough lemon bitterness, which does not match the dark color or slightly heavy mouth feel.

New Belgium Brewing at Washington Beer Lover's Belgianfest 2012The beers at the Washington Beer Lover's Belgianfest 2012 were a little heavy.Washington Beer Lover's Belgianfest 2012Silver City Brewing at the Washington Beer Lover's Belgianfest 2012Odin's brewing at the Washington Beer Lover's Belgianfest 2012Washington Beer Lover's Belgianfest 2012Justin Yorke and Liana Shanes at Washington Beer Lover's Belgianfest 2012Thor's Equinox from Odin's Brewing at the Washington Beer Lover's Belgianfest 2012.

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