Three Skulls Blackbeard Dark Lager

So, Three Skulls Brewing is a relatively new brewery here in the Northwest and they came out of the gates taking some risks (Bacon Ale anyone?) and I’ve enjoyed a couple of their offerings in the past. That’s why I was excited to pop a cap on the Blackbeard Dark Lager.

Pouring a caramely brown like that’s a little deeper than a soda, it features a dense foam head that quickly dissipated. It opens with a peaty maltness on the nose, almost musty. Also comes across as a dryness that coats the nostrils. Underlying chocolate as well. I’m probably over thinking it a bit, but if you try, you’ll find the chocolate, citrus and a bit of oak/wood.

First tastes are very malt forward. Roasty and a touch of sweetness comes through. The hops profile comes through as citric acid, not fruit sweet, but tangy on the side of the tongue. Overall it’s pretty sessionable and mild. At a really reasonable price point, this is something worth keeping in the fridge so there’s always something good and cold on hand.

Have you had the bacon beer yet? Three Skulls also makes a Blood Orange Wit that is AMAZING for cooking with. Look for a review of that to come soon.

As the weather warms, I’m looking forward to more good, solid lagers and this is one of them.

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